Refund Policy

  • If there are any issues with your Stompies wood order, please notify us within a maximum of 10 days after the delivery has taken place so we can rectify the issue immediately. We are happy to honour the 10da window period but anything after 10 days, we accept that the client was satisfied with the goods delivered.
  • As for local wood such as Rooikraans, Blue gum and or Wattle types, we do not take any responsibility whatsoever for refunds/ swops. It is clear in our description that we do not guarantee these wood types themselves as we deal with local harvesters that do business differently.
  • If we short delivered/wrong delivered, this will be delivered on the next round we are in your area. (7Business days).
  • Any cancelations prior to delivery will incur a 10% pay back fee.
  • If you overpaid us, we shall pay the difference back to you in 7 business days OR you may request Credit OR request any addons you would like.